Grace Livingston Hill

Grace Livingston Hill

Only a handful of writers who began over 130 years ago are still read by an ever-increasing family of readers. Grace Livingston Hill is one of those writers.

Her writing is often seen very differently by those who read it—and that's why it endures. It is at times a Christian life lesson, a romance, first-hand history, or even an outreach tool. The impact is as varied as the readers themselves.

No matter how we read Grace's books, they inspire us to reach new heights.books

Grace's work and its simple message continue into a new century, always reminding us that God is the ultimate answer to every question—even in today's complicated world.

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Grace Livingston Hill Booklist

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  • all_through_the_night_thumb.jpg
  • amorelle_thumb.jpg
  • angel_of_his_presence_thumb.jpg
  • april_gold_thumb.jpg
  • ariel_custer_thumb.jpg
  • astra_thumb.jpg
  • aunt_cretes_emancipation_thumb.jpg
  • beauty_for_ashes_thumb.jpg
  • because_of_stephen_thumb.jpg
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  • beloved_stranger_thumb.jpg
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  • best_man_thumb.jpg
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  • challengers_thumb.jpg
  • chance_of_a_lifetime_thumb.jpg
  • chautauqua_idyl_thumb.jpg
  • christian_endeavor_hour_thumb.jpg
  • christmas_bride_thumb.jpg
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  • duskin_thumb.jpg
  • enchanted_barn_thumb.jpg
  • esselstynes_thumb.jpg
  • exit_betty_thumb.jpg
  • finding_of_jasper_holt_thumb.jpg
  • forgotten_friend_thumb.jpg
  • found_treasure_thumb.jpg
  • girl_from_montana_thumb.jpg
  • girl_of_the_woods_thumb.jpg
  • girl_to_come_home_to_thumb.jpg
  • gold_shoe_thumb.jpg
  • handmaid_of_the_lord_thumb.jpg
  • happiness_hill_thumb.jpg
  • head_of_the_house_thumb.jpg
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  • homing_thumb.jpg
  • honor_girl_thumb.jpg
  • house_across_the_hedge_thumb.jpg
  • in_the_way_thumb.jpg
  • in_tune_with_wedding_bells_thumb.jpg
  • ittle_servant_thumb.jpg
  • jobs_niece_thumb.jpg
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  • marcia_schuyler_thumb.jpg
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  • more_than_conqueror_thumb.jpg
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  • obsession_of_victoria_gracen_thumb.jpg
  • old_guard_thumb.jpg
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  • spice_box_thumb.jpg
  • story_of_a_whim_thumb.jpg
  • story_of_the_lost_star_thumb.jpg
  • stranger_within_the_gates_thumb.jpg
  • strange_god_thumb.jpg
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  • substitute_guest_thumb.jpg
  • sunrise_thumb.jpg
  • through_these_fires_thumb.jpg
  • time_of_the_singing_of_birds_thumb.jpg
  • tomorrow_about_this_time_thumb.jpg
  • tryst_thumb.jpg
  • unwilling_guest_thumb.jpg
  • voice_in_the_wilderness_thumb.jpg
  • war_romance_of_the_salvation_army_thumb.jpg
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Pansies for Thoughts: A Rare Gem

Pansies for Thoughts"Pansies for Thoughts", in its original edition, is a rare little gem first published by D. Lothrop Company in 1888. This book was "compiled and arranged with an appropriate text for each day" by young Grace Livingston (she would not marry Rev. Hill until 1892).

It is not, as some mistakenly believe, a devotional with daily thoughts from Grace's own pen. Instead, this daily devotional is filled with quotes from books written by Grace's author-aunt, Isabella Macdonald Alden. Isabella wrote under the pen name "Pansy", thus the play on words in the title, referencing the line from Shakespeare's "Hamlet".

Grace selected a quote for each day from one of the "Pansy Books" and paired it with a Scripture or a bit of verse. It was a joy for "Auntie Belle" (as Grace called her) to watch her niece in action. The original book's Preface (which is completely missing from the modern editions) gives us an insight into Grace's young life, how the book was put together, and how humbled Pansy was to be thus immortalized.

Pansy 1895I have followed with absorbing interest the compilation of this volume. As I have watched the fair young head bent from day to day over "The Deathless Book," making quotations from its inspired pages that should repeat and emphasize my own thoughts, there has been a grateful, uplifting, humbling realization of the fact that I was being linked with immortality! For certainly the words that accompany my simple ones make each page glow with a light that shall have power to shine even to the very gates of the eternal city.

Moreover, as I have watched the thoughtful face of the compiler brighten and flush, and her eyes grow earnest while her heart took in some solemn charge of the Master, I have felt that, as she transmitted it to paper, there went with it a prayer that the Holy Spirit who had guided her choice, would use these pages in a way to lead some souls daily higher, even into the "shining light" of the "perfect day."

In this wish and prayer I join her earnestly, as the little book goes out to do its work.

After fifteen years of searching, I began to doubt this little book's existence until the day I received an email from

Read more: Pansies for Thoughts: A Rare Gem

September 2014

Dawn of the Morning  SEP 2014
Dawn of the Morning is our read for September. In its first edition, this volume matched the Marcia Schuyler trilogy, with its wallpaper cover and medallion. One of Grace's "period" novels, this book is a bit different than her usual story. Published in May 1911, this story begins in 1824 and begins with a New York setting, also similar to the trilogy.

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2014 GLH Reading List

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  • February: A Chautauqua Idyl & The Parkerstown Delegate
  • March: The Chance of a Lifetime
  • April: In the Way
  • May: Sunrise
  • June: In Tune with Wedding Bells
  • July: Ladybird
  • August: The Sound of the Trumpet
  • September: Dawn of the Morning
  • October: Through These Fires
  • November: All Through the Night
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