Grace Livingston Hill

Grace Livingston Hill

Only a handful of writers who began over 130 years ago are still read by an ever-increasing family of readers. Grace Livingston Hill is one of those writers.

Her writing is often seen very differently by those who read it—and that's why it endures. It is at times a Christian life lesson, a romance, first-hand history, or even an outreach tool. The impact is as varied as the readers themselves.

No matter how we read Grace's books, they inspire us to reach new heights.books

Grace's work and its simple message continue into a new century, always reminding us that God is the ultimate answer to every question—even in today's complicated world.

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Grace Livingston Hill Booklist

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  • all_through_the_night_thumb.jpg
  • amorelle_thumb.jpg
  • angel_of_his_presence_thumb.jpg
  • april_gold_thumb.jpg
  • ariel_custer_thumb.jpg
  • astra_thumb.jpg
  • aunt_cretes_emancipation_thumb.jpg
  • beauty_for_ashes_thumb.jpg
  • because_of_stephen_thumb.jpg
  • beggarman_thumb.jpg
  • beloved_stranger_thumb.jpg
  • best_birthday_thumb.jpg
  • best_man_thumb.jpg
  • big_blue_soldier_thumb.jpg
  • blue_ruin_thumb.jpg
  • bright_arrows_thumb.jpg
  • by_way_of_the_silverthorns_thumb.jpg
  • challengers_thumb.jpg
  • chance_of_a_lifetime_thumb.jpg
  • chautauqua_idyl_thumb.jpg
  • christian_endeavor_hour_thumb.jpg
  • christmas_bride_thumb.jpg
  • city_of_fire_thumb.jpg
  • cloudy_jewel_thumb.jpg
  • coming_through_the_rye_thumb.jpg
  • crimson_mountain_thumb.jpg
  • crimson_roses_thumb.jpg
  • daily_rate_thumb.jpg
  • daphne_deane_thumb.jpg
  • dawn_of_the_morning_thumb.jpg
  • divided_battle_thumb.jpg
  • duskin_thumb.jpg
  • enchanted_barn_thumb.jpg
  • esselstynes_thumb.jpg
  • exit_betty_thumb.jpg
  • finding_of_jasper_holt_thumb.jpg
  • forgotten_friend_thumb.jpg
  • found_treasure_thumb.jpg
  • girl_from_montana_thumb.jpg
  • girl_of_the_woods_thumb.jpg
  • girl_to_come_home_to_thumb.jpg
  • gold_shoe_thumb.jpg
  • handmaid_of_the_lord_thumb.jpg
  • happiness_hill_thumb.jpg
  • head_of_the_house_thumb.jpg
  • her_wedding_garment_thumb.jpg
  • homing_thumb.jpg
  • honor_girl_thumb.jpg
  • house_across_the_hedge_thumb.jpg
  • in_the_way_thumb.jpg
  • in_tune_with_wedding_bells_thumb.jpg
  • ittle_servant_thumb.jpg
  • jobs_niece_thumb.jpg
  • kaleidoscope_thumb.jpg
  • katherines_yesterday_thumb.jpg
  • kerry_thumb.jpg
  • ladybird_thumb.jpg
  • life_out_of_death_thumb.jpg
  • lone_point_thumb.jpg
  • lost_message_thumb.jpg
  • lo_michael_thumb.jpg
  • man_of_the_desert_thumb.jpg
  • marcia_schuyler_thumb.jpg
  • marigold_thumb.jpg
  • maris_thumb.jpg
  • mary_arden_thumb.jpg
  • matched_pearls_thumb.jpg
  • ministers_son_thumb.jpg
  • miranda_thumb.jpg
  • miss_lavinias_call_both_thumb.jpg
  • more_than_conqueror_thumb.jpg
  • mystery_flowers_thumb.jpg
  • mystery_of_mary_thumb.jpg
  • new_name_thumb.jpg
  • not_under_the_law_thumb.jpg
  • obsession_of_victoria_gracen_thumb.jpg
  • old_guard_thumb.jpg
  • out_of_the_storm__thumb.jpg
  • pansies_for_thoughts_thumb.jpg
  • parkerstown_delegate_thumb.jpg
  • partners_thumb.jpg
  • patch_of_blue_thumb.jpg
  • patricia_thumb.jpg
  • phoebe_deane_thumb.jpg
  • prodigal_girl_thumb.jpg
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  • ransom_thumb.jpg
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  • rose_galbraith_thumb.jpg
  • search_thumb.jpg
  • sevenfold_trouble_thumb.jpg
  • seventh_hour_thumb.jpg
  • silver_wings_thumb.jpg
  • sound_of_the_trumpet_thumb.jpg
  • spice_box_thumb.jpg
  • story_of_a_whim_thumb.jpg
  • story_of_the_lost_star_thumb.jpg
  • stranger_within_the_gates_thumb.jpg
  • strange_god_thumb.jpg
  • strange_proposal_thumb.jpg
  • street_of_the_city_thumb.jpg
  • substitute_guest_thumb.jpg
  • sunrise_thumb.jpg
  • through_these_fires_thumb.jpg
  • time_of_the_singing_of_birds_thumb.jpg
  • tomorrow_about_this_time_thumb.jpg
  • tryst_thumb.jpg
  • unwilling_guest_thumb.jpg
  • voice_in_the_wilderness_thumb.jpg
  • war_romance_of_the_salvation_army_thumb.jpg
  • where_two_ways_met_thumb.jpg
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  • white_lady_rec_thumb.jpg
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Fall Reads for 2014

Through These Fires  OCT 2014

Through These Fires
is our October book. Published in 1943, this book is another of the WWII era tales with stories on both the battlefront and the homefront. If you can't find a vintage copy, this book is #46 in the Bantam and Tyndale paperback series.

From the G&D jacket flap: In the heat and misery of batlle there comes to Benedict Barron, like a draught of cooling water, the memory of a golden-haired little girl swinging on a gate far in time and space from his present lot in life. His present job is to get through those lines to the enemy—the ground, covered with fearful flames, had to be retaken...This is a story of war and the renewal of faith.

All Through the Night  NOV 2014

All Through the Night is our November book and continues the war theme, but wasn't published until the war was nearly over in 1945.

When it arrived at the Freeport Public Library that year, the synopsis-writer was obviously not a GLH fan. "Cinderella's grandmother dies leaving her to counter her aunt and two mean cousins with the help of a soldier's love."

This book was one of Grace's last few stories. See if you agree or disagree with the 1945 reviewer. Has your vintage copy gone missing? Grab it in paperback. It's #6 in the Bantam or Tyndale Series.


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2014 GLH Reading List

  • January: The Esselstynes & The Angel of His Presence
  • February: A Chautauqua Idyl & The Parkerstown Delegate
  • March: The Chance of a Lifetime
  • April: In the Way
  • May: Sunrise
  • June: In Tune with Wedding Bells
  • July: Ladybird
  • August: The Sound of the Trumpet
  • September: Dawn of the Morning
  • October: Through These Fires
  • November: All Through the Night
  • December: Where Two Ways Met & Your Favorite GLH Christmas Book!
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