100 Women Who Changed the 20th Century


Written by Helen Kooiman Hosier, this collection of biographies was published by Fleming H. Revell in 2000. It contains brief biographies of 100 Christian Women from many different fields and walks of life. Grace Livingston Hill is featured in the first section, "Speaking, Writing." The author notes that most of the information was obtained from Everett's biography, "Gracious Writer for God." Because there were errors in Everett's book, some of those are repeated here.

Corrections to keep in mind while you're reading:

  • While Everett's book mixes up events and publishers in her book, Hosier mixes them further.

  • Hosier's account is a bit unclear and makes it seem as though Grace's career only began after her husband died in 1899: "When her husband died suddenly, Grace decided to write to support herself. Her first novel, "A Chautauqua Idyl" (1887) was but the start of a long career..." Grace was already an established author by then. She had already published 8 books and countless poems, articles, short stories. As we've mentioned in other bio notes, her already-established career simply made it possible for her to support her family after her husband's sudden death.