A New NameA New Name is one of the few Grace Livingston Hill books with a male lead.

Murray Van Rensselaer is a spoiled rich kid in a lot of trouble. After persuading a less-advantaged childhood friend, Bessie, to take a ride in his new machine, he loses control and there is a terrible accident. Murray overhears a conversation at the hospital and flees, thinking only that he must get away before the police find him and charge him with murder.

He tumbles off a freight car many hours and hundreds of miles later, desperate and hungry and looking for shelter, when he passes by the open window of a church basement.

"There were lights in low windows near the ground and tall shrubs making shelter about and from the open doorway there issued a most delectable odor, the smell of roasting meat." He slips into the bushes and "with trembling hand"  manages to grab a buttered roll and a few frosted cakes.A New Name

But the story is just beginning...Murray is mistaken for the guest of honor, Allan Murray—a young Christian leader the town is expecting—and is whisked into the dinner.

Assuming his identity for the evening seems harmless enough, but circumstances keep Murray in the role and he is hard-pressed to keep up with all that's expected of Allan Murray. You see, Murray Van Rensselaer is not a follower of Christ!

While he manages to fool most of the town, one girl is not convinced...read on to enjoy this unique tale and its marvelous climax when all is brought into the light.

This title is also available in Barbour's "Love Endures" series. It's available in paperback, as well as in Kindle and Nook editions. Click to get "A New Name" for Kindle or get "A New Name" for Nookicon.