Grace Livingston Hill: A Checklist


This booklet is exactly what it says—a checklist—doubtless used by many collectors before the internet! Written by Joanna Paulsen, it was published by Amereon House in 1981. Its preface contains a very brief biography.

Just a few minor corrections to the list:

  • A Colonial Girl" was NOT written by Grace Livingston Hill. It was written by Grace Livingston Furniss and Abbey Sage Richardson.

  • Several books are missing, but they may have been unknown to Paulsen in those days before the internet made finding Grace's books a whole lot easier. "Pansies for Thoughts" (1888) was a devotional that Grace put together using quotes from her aunt's Pansy books. Grace also contributed to "A Sevenfold Trouble" (1889) and "The Kaleidoscope" (1892), which were co-written with Pansy, other members of her family and their friends. "The Christian Endeavor Hour with Light for the Leader" (1896) is also missing from the list. It was co-written with her husband, Frank.

  • There are three titles incorrectly listed under 1934, but they are also correctly listed under 1935.

  • This list of books by Grace's mother, Mrs. C.M. Livingston (Marcia Macdonald Livingston), is incomplete. You can see the complete list of Marcia's books here.

  • Grace's daughter, Ruth Livingston Hill, is incorrectly identified as Grace's sister. The list of her books is incomplete. You can see the complete list of Ruth's books here.

  • The list of books by Grace's daughter, Margaret Livingston Hill, is incomplete. You can see the complete list of Margaret's books here.