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VOLUME 1: Vintage Recipes from the Holiday Books includes recipes for the great meals in:

The Christmas Bride • The Substitute Guest • April Gold • Stranger Within the Gates and many more.

Family meals, and often their careful preparation, are a familiar part of the Grace Livingston Hill books we love. In this volume of The Grace Livingston Hill Cookbook series, we bring the books to life with vintage recipes that will help you recreate the holiday flavors of yesterday.

And it’s more than just Roast Turkey with all the trimmings—you’ll also find lots of great comfort food like Warm Gingerbread, Sugary Doughnuts and (of course) Buckwheat Cakes & Sausage. 

BONUS—This volume includes a newly-discovered GLH Christmas story, "The Half of a Christmas."


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Heroines by Name: 2023 GLH Reading List

This year, let's meet 12 GLH heroines who have their book named after them. Are you named after a GLH character? Let us know at

January: The Obsession of Victoria Gracen (1915)
February: Spice Box (1943)
March: Rose Galbraith (1940)
April: Ariel Custer (1925)
May: Patricia (1939)
June: Marcia Schuyler (1908)
July: Phoebe Deane (1909)
August: Miranda (1915)
September: Cloudy Jewel (1920)
October: Maris (1938)
November: Mary Arden (1948)
December: Astra (1941)

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