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From the podcast episode description:

For this podcast episode we sat down with Daena Creel, one of the foremost authorities on the life and work of the pioneering and best-selling Christian author Grace Livingston Hill (1865-1947).

Daena is also a writer, archivist, and historian. She works closely with the Hill family to preserve Grace’s legacy for future generations of readers, and is the author of The Grace Livingston Hill Cookbook: Vintage Recipes from the Holiday Books.

We learned many compelling facts about Grace's life and books during the interview including an overview of her family upbringing, characteristics of her work, her writing process, and reasons for why her books are just as spiritually valuable and relevant today as they were more than a century ago.

Grace's 119 books, and numerous other stories have firmly enthroned her in literary history as not just the creator of the modern Christian romance novel, but as a writer whose commitment to Gospel integrity and evangelism has led untold readers to salvation in Jesus Christ.

Moreover, Grace Livingston Hill's books stand firmly as landmark examples of fiction writing used as ministry, and are essential reading for believers of all ages.

A 1940's Dozen: 2024 GLH Reading List

This year, let's read 12 GLH novels from the early 1940's

Head of the House, published 1/2/1940
Rose Galbraith, published 5/20/1940
Partners, published 9/18/1940
By Way of the Silverthorns, published 1/23/1941
In Tune with Wedding Bells, published 5/26/1941
The Girl of the Woods, published 2/6/1942 (or read Astra from 10/2/1941 if you like to read chronologically and continue from there. We're saving Astra for December)
Crimson Mountain, published 5/14/1942
The Street of the City, published 9/24/1942 A great chance to cool off your summer reading!
Spice Box, published 2/4/1943
The Sound of the Trumpet, published 6/7/1943
Through These Fires, published 9/23/1943
Astra, published 10/2/1941 or your favorite Christmas GLH

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