This mysterious passage appears several times in Grace Livingston Hill's stories and the 1890 serial, "Katharine's Yesterday", wraps itself all around the poem and tells how it changed Katharine's life and the lives of those around her.

As seen here, it is credited to A.C.S. in "According to the Pattern" (1903). The poem also appeared uncredited in "They Might, But They Did Not" (1890) which was later retitled "A Voice Unheard" in the Tyndale collection of short stories called "Katharine's Yesterday"

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I was poor yesterday, but not today;   
  For Jesus came this morning
And took the poor away;
   And he left the legacy
He promised long ago.
   So peace and joy and love
Through all my being flow.

I was tired yesterday, but not today.
   I could run and not be weary,
This blessed way;
   For I have his strength to stay me,
With his might my feet are shod.
   I can find the resting places
In the promises of God.

A servant yesterday, a child today,
   A loved one of his household,
Bearing his name alway.
   Do you know this blessed difference?
Do you long for this better way?
   He will come to you as he came to me
With the joy of an endless day.