Hymn: Words by Philip Doddridge, 1755 from :A collection of Psalms proper for Christian worship, Liverpool 1791

Found in "The Enchanted Barn," Chapter 13


Lord of the Sabbath, hear our vows,
On this thy day, in this thine house,
And own, as grateful sacrifice
The songs which from: thy temple rise.

Thine earthly Sabbaths, Lord, we love,
But there's a nobler rest above;
To that our longing souls aspire,
With cheerful hope, and strong desire.

No more fatigue, no more distress,
Nor sin nor death shall reach the place;
No groans shall mingle with the songs,
Which dwell upon immortal tongues.

No rude alarms of angry foes;
No cares to break the long repose ;
No midnight shade, no clouded sun,
But sacred, high, eternal noon.

O long expected day, begin;
Dawn on these realms of pain and sin;
With joy we'll tread the appointed road,
And sleep in death, to rest with God.

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