Grace Livingston Hill Short Stories & Collections

Katherine's YesterdayBefore she became famous as a novelist, Grace Livingston Hill wrote short stories for many publications. Over the years, many of these stories have been collected and published in book form. The earliest of these, "Katherine's Yesterday", was one of the first Grace Livingston Hill books ever published.

In the 1930's, J. B. Lippincott published a series of small Grace Livingston Hill books they called "pamphlets". These short stories were published in addition to Grace's regular novels in both hardback and paperback editions and are very rare. We list them as books in our GLH book lists, since they were produced individually. However, these short stories appear in many of the short story collections published in later years. Since they were published during the Great Depression, we suspect they were meant for readers whose budget was tight. Inside the jacket of one of these treasures (a hardback edition) is the price of the book—50¢.

After Grace's death in 1947, her daughters published a collection entitled, "Miss Lavinia's Call".  Since then, many of those stories and quite a few others have been collected, published, and re-published for eager Grace Livingston Hill readers to enjoy. 

1930's Pamphlets: 12 Short Stories and a Christmas Play

During the 1930's, J.B. Lippincott released a series of small books in addition to Grace's regularly published novels. They were called "Pamphlets" in Lippincott's promotional brochures, but the inside cover of "The Best Birthday" lists the others as "Twelve Short Stories". These little treasures are just 4 3/4 inches wide x 6 1/4 inches tall! Some can be found in hardback with dust jackets and others are simply paper.


pamphlets excerpt

Their color varies from edition to edition. Often the paper editions are found without the stiff cover. The jackets for a few are illustrated, while other jackets simply bear their title.

While difficult to locate in their first editions, the stories have been reprinted over the years in various collections for GLH readers to enjoy. Check out The Honeymoon House, The Short Stories of Grace Livingston Hill, or Christian Endeavor Stories to find them.


twelve short stories excerpt


The 1932 Pamphlets

Beggarman • Her Wedding Garment
The House Across The Hedge • The Story of The Lost Star

Beggarman Her Wedding Garment The House Across The Hedge The Story of The Lost Star


The 1935 Pamphlets

The Handmaid of The Lord • Life Out of Death • The Old Guard • The Strange God

The Handmaid of The Lord Life Out of Death The Old Guard The Strange God


The 1938 Pamphlets

The Divided Battle • Dwelling • The Lost Message • The Minister's Son

divided battle thumb dwelling thumb lost message thumb ministers son thumb


The Best Birthday
(A Christmas Entertainment for Children)


best birthday thumb


The Best Birthday was a Christmas play written by Grace for the Sunday School she began at Leiper Church in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.

From the Foreword: "One Christmas we decided that in place of the usual common-place Christmas tree, and the usual "pieces" recited and sung in honor of Christmas, it would be well to have something that would fix in all our minds the real meaning of Christmas, making plain the prophecies concerning Christ's coming and their fulfillment, and making God's plan of salvation the central thought...It grew as we began to practice it, and as other girls and boys came into it.

...So, for three successive Christmases we have given this story of "The Best Birthday" over again, with the same young actors taking the parts. The actual given names of our young people are used in the text...And we, the young people and I who have been giving it, send greetings and glad Christmas wishes to all who shall care to use it hearafter." —Grace Livingston Hill



Aunt Crete's Emancipation and Beggarman

1994 • Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.  / Living Books Paperback Series #98

This paperback includes the title story, Aunt Crete's Emancipation (first published as a hardback in 1911) and Beggarman (first published in 1932), one of the "pamphlets" in the series of twelve short story booklets.

Christian Endeavor Stories

1992 • Amereon House (publishing division of Amereon Ltd.)

A new edition was reprinted in 2012.

Volume 1 contains the same titles as Living Books Paperback Series #92 "The Honeymoon House". Volume 2 contains the same short stories as Living Books Paperback Series #93 "Katherine's Yesterday".

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Katharine's Yesterday

Katherine's Yesterday

1895 • Lothrop Publishing Company

This short story collection, whose long title is "Katharine's Yesterday and Other Christian Endeavor Stories", is one of Grace's earliest published in book form. She wrote for numerous Christian publications in her early career and this volume collects stories written for Christian Endeavor's weekly publication.

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Lone Point and The Esselstynes

1994 • Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.  /  Living Books Paperback Series #99

This paperback includes the title story Lone Point (originally titled Lone Point: A Summer Outing and published as a hardback in 1897) and The Esselstynes, Grace's first book which was originally published in 1877. 

Miss Lavinia's Call

1949 • J. B. Lippincott Co.  /  Harper & Row
1991 • Tyndale House Publishers / Living Books Paperback Series #64

This collection of short stories was published after Grace's death by her daughters and includes her first book, The Esselstynes. Most of the stories were written for Christian magazines or newspapers.

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The Forgotten Friend

1916 • The Congregational Christmas Offering Committee.

This short story was published as a paper pamphlet and came with a beautiful full-color, fold-out, die-cut bank. This is an unusual example of Grace's work used to promote a missionary campaign. The bank was to be filled with a Christmas Offering. We're happy that someone kept the bank as a keepsake, but hope they turned in their offering, too.

The text inside the front cover of the pamphlet tells about the campaign: 

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The Honeymoon House and Other Stories

1984 • Robert L. Munce Publishing Co.  /  Living Books Paperback Series #92

Most of the stories in this collection were published individually by J.B. Lippincott Co. in the 1930's as "pamphlets". These small-sized books each contained one story and sold for as little as 50 cents."My Brother's Keeper" originally appeared as "For Whom Christ Died" in "Katherine's Yesterday" published by D. Lothrop Company in 1895.

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The Love Gift

1984 • Tyndale House  /  Cameo Series #1

All of these stories originally appeared in "Katherine's Yesterday" published in 1895 by D. Lothrop Company. This hardback edition was published in 1984 by Tyndale House and was incorrectly listed as one of Grace's original books in Robert Munce's biography. • Cameo Series #1 / ISBN 0-8423-3846-2. It was combined with Tyndale House's 1984 paperback edition of "Katherine's Yesterday" and republished as the Living Books Paperback Series "Katherine's Yesterday" #93.

  • The Love Gift (Originally titled The Minister's Bonnet)
  • "My Brother's Keeper" (Originally titled "For Whom Christ Died")
  • "Living Epistles"
  • The Unknown God
  • Under the Window

The Parkerstown Delegate and Other Stories

1994 •Tyndale House Publishers  /  Living Books Paperback Series #97

In addition to The Parkerstown Delegate (first published as a hardback in 1892), this paperback also includes two early books, A Chautauqua Idyl (first published as a hardback in 1887) and A Little Servant (first published as a hardback in 1890).

The Short Stories of Grace Livingston Hill

1976 • The American Reprint Company

This book's pages are exact copies of the 1930's "pamphlets" or small short story books published by J.B. Lippincott.

  • Beggarman
  • The Story of the Lost Star
  • Her Wedding Garment
  • The House Across the Hedge