It all started nearly 30 years ago...I've always loved to read, and I joined the Christian Herald Book Club. Turns out that the featured book I ordered one month would change my life forever. After one of those "two-in-one" books (It was The Man of the Desert and A Daily Rate), I was hooked. Every time another Grace Livingston Hill book became available, it wasn't long before it was headed for my mailbox!

Crimson RosesOne day I realized that these wonderful books were written decades ago. I got to thinking...there must be other books out there in the antique bookstores. Thus began the quest that has brought me here.

My first "real" Grace Livingston Hill book was a Grosset & Dunlap edition of Crimson Roses that I found in an antique mall. It was sitting inside an old wooden crate. It's still my favorite, even with its worn out spine that's been taped together after the stress of being passed from friend to friend to friend. Trips to those bookstores were frequent in the 1990's and many of my book treasures were found before we had the Internet to help in the search!

It's the Internet, though, that's given me a greater joy—that of meeting kindred spirits who have a love for Grace's writing and a true appreciation for the influence God has given her in the lives of hundreds of thousands of readers through the years. She speaks to us all still, even though she's been at home with Jesus for almost seventy years.

Sharing my passion for GLH books with a young friend led to what we like to call "The Book". My dear friend and I worked together on her senior high school project, naively expecting a completed book to appear at its finish. Years later, it's still a work in progress. We've received many hundreds of emails, stories, and testimonies from GLH readers from all over the world, and it's been a joy to read them.

Please pray as we seek God's direction in where to go from here—it is my desire to share all the wonderful things we've learned about Grace and her amazing family in a way that will also draw many others to Jesus. It was always Grace's desire to share His message with others and throughout this project we hope to do the same.

Thanks for stopping by the website, and do come back again!


Finding Grace: It's in the works

Sitting at Grace Livingston Hill's Desk

This is me, sitting at Grace Livingston Hill's desk.

ME! Sitting at Grace Livingston Hill's desk!!

This journey through Grace's life and work has been amazing and we're getting closer to publishing "The Book". We'll post here when we go to press. In the meantime, if you'd like to share your story, please email us at