Grace Livingston Hill Short Stories & Collections

Katherine's YesterdayBefore she became famous as a novelist, Grace Livingston Hill wrote short stories for many publications. Over the years, many of these stories have been collected and published in book form. The earliest of these, "Katherine's Yesterday", was one of the first Grace Livingston Hill books ever published.

In the 1930's, J. B. Lippincott published a series of small Grace Livingston Hill books they called "pamphlets". These short stories were published in addition to Grace's regular novels in both hardback and paperback editions and are very rare. We list them as books in our GLH book lists, since they were produced individually. However, these short stories appear in many of the short story collections published in later years. Since they were published during the Great Depression, we suspect they were meant for readers whose budget was tight. Inside the jacket of one of these treasures (a hardback edition) is the price of the book—50¢.

After Grace's death in 1947, her daughters published a collection entitled, "Miss Lavinia's Call".  Since then, many of those stories and quite a few others have been collected, published, and re-published for eager Grace Livingston Hill readers to enjoy. 

1984 • Robert L. Munce Publishing Co.  /  Living Books Paperback Series #92

Most of the stories in this collection were published individually by J.B. Lippincott Co. in the 1930's as "pamphlets". These small-sized books each contained one story and sold for as little as 50 cents."My Brother's Keeper" originally appeared as "For Whom Christ Died" in "Katherine's Yesterday" published by D. Lothrop Company in 1895.

The original paperback edition was first published in 1984 by Living Books/Tyndale House • ISBN 0-8423-1366-4. Later, it became #92 of the numbered paperback series.

  • The Honeymoon House (Originally titled Dwelling)
  • Life out of Death
  • The Minister's Son
  • The Old Guard
  • The House Across the Hedge
  • The Wedding Garment (Originally titled Her Wedding Garment)
  • The Divided Battle
  • The Strange God
  • The Lost Message
  • "My Brother's Keeper" (Originally titled "For Whom Christ Died")